Throphy heads and other wild knitting pattern | Louise Walker


Trophy heads have been quite popular recently and are featured as art pieces by Rachel Denny (read more about her here). They make a statement on any wall – and are ethical too.
With Louise Walkers knitting kits you can now knit your own interior piece. Attached to a MDF backing they stay flat against the wall. You can choose out of about 10 different designs. The kits include all material needed and are aimed at intermediate knitters.

Her book Faux Taxidermy Knits teaches you how to knit more wild knits. It contains 15 wild animal knitting patterns, wearables and habitats, including mittens, rugs, stoles and animal heads.

London based Louise Walter studied commercial photography and discovered her passion for knitting when making props for fashion editorials. Her series ´Wooly Head`got featured by online newspapers and blogs and led to inquiries worldwide. Selftaughed Louise than started her carrier as a knitting pattern author, also giving workshops in her Brixton studio.

Links worth a watch:

Follow Louis an Instragram and watch out for workshops on her website.
Get a pattern here or buy her book.
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Photo credit: Louise Walker


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