Summer Headbands Knitting Pattern | Jenise Hope

Whether you like it skinny or wide, with stripes, a bow or a motive – out of Canadian Jenise Hope pattern you will surely find something that suits your taste. Choose your favorite colors and a get your unique fashion peace.

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Instructions are written out line by line and charted, so you can use whichever is easier for you.

Summer headbands knitting pattern:

1. Hearts Headband

Sweet as pie but secretly a hard project. Are you up for learning how to cable on wrong side rows? Any interest in grafting? This is the perfect place to learn!

2. Wrap Around Headband

Crossed stitches swirl over and over wrapping around your head. You will need to know how to knit, purl, cable, and graft.

3. Chevron Tie Headband

Subtle knit-purl chevrons keep this headband from curling. The chevron pattern lies perfectly flat with no fuss. You will need much less than a whole ball.

4. Stripes and V`s Headband

A fresh and summery headband. This is simple colorwork – you knit four rows in one color, then the next four in the other color. No stranding required! If you can knit, change colors, increase, and decrease, you can make this! Rather than graft after a provisional cast on, you stitch the live edge to the cast on, leaving the cast on edge in.

5. Beads Headband

This skinny headband has an interesting stitch pattern in I-cord with beads. It includes (and shows) three variations, but you can let your imagination go wild and change it up however you want. Consider the pattern a starting point.
The pattern works in any gauge. Use the yarn you want, the needles you want, and simply knit till it is the correct length. No math required! Much less than one ball of yarn is needed.


Photo credit: Jenise Hope

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