Giveaway & review | Hands Occupied

Hands Occupied is a refreshing blog for knitting, crafting and chrochet patterns, tutorials and ideas. Heidi Gustad, the creative mind behind, launched it in 2010 to motivate herself. We are sure, by now it’s an inspirational site and motivation for other DIY lovers too.

Heidi recently tried out our knit affair knitting needles, one pair of the single-colored straights, one of the multi-colored straights and one of the design knitting needles.

Here is a short extract from her review:

‘The finished needles are easy to knit with and don’t look like your grandmother’s needles.’

‘It’s really cool to see someone producing needles that are not only fun to work with, but a way to make your public knitting oh-so-chic!’


Check out her full review on her blog and enter to win the giveaway here.


For the entire knitting needle range visit our shop section.


Photo credit: Hands Occupied

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