Minimal aesthetic shawl & hat pattern | Julie Hover


If she is not knitting, she thinks about knitting, says Julie Hover – a designer and photo taker based in Ann Arbor/United States. Equiped with a BA in Clothing & Textiles from BYU Julie designs her own knit pieces since 2010, giving them a clean, simplify look. For inspiration she uses stitch books, but also explores what the yarn can do.

Hat knitting pattern:

Both hats have the classic slouchy shape, ‘Harper’ (left/top) is for intermediate knitters, ‘Becot’ (right/bottom) for beginners.

Shawl knitting pattern:

‘Doux’ (top/right) is a simply, unisex beginner pattern. Who wants more challenge choses for ‘Ludlow’ (left/bottom), a geometric stole with reversible blocks of diamonds, arrows and moss stich that has two different surfaces.


Julies pattern can be found on her website.

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Photo credit: Julie Hoover

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