Knitted Props | Jessica Dance


Textile Artist, Model Maker & Prop Stylist Jessica Dance creates knitted or felt models that are used in advertising, editorials, film animations or office decorations. The 28-year-old, living in Hampshire/UK, has made everything from knitted taxidermy trophies, handbags or a series fo sushi characters. After studying fashion at Bournemouth Art Institute Jessica started working for clients like Vogue, Google, Mulberry and Vanity Vair.

Her commissions regularly take weeks of sculpting, knitting and stitching. Starting with hand sketching the piece then cutting a rough mock-up out of calico, clay or styrofoam, she then machine knits the models using an original Eighties domestic knitting machine.

View more of Jessica`s work on her website or stay updated via Instagram.

Photo credit: David Sykes, Dylan Collard

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