Ironic chrochet art | Patricia Waller


Patricia Waller transforms colorful yarn using crochet into bizarre art sculptures. Her speciality is drama, she creates tortured figures that are partly derived from the world of toys and commercial pop culture: teddy bears overrun by a rocking horse or impaled by a unicorn, spiderman clashing into a wall or rabbits murdered by carrots. She so creates a world that ironically contrasts colorful lightheartedness with catastrophes and disasters and questions in an aesthetic way the routine way that violence is nowadays cultivated and consumed.
Patricia creates her models without drawing or sketching, enjoying the freedom of working wherever she likes to, as a ball of yarn and a crochet hook fits every pocket. The yarn combines color and material all rolled into one, so the form emerges from colored material in a process which shows in every detail as nothing is hidden.

The 54 year old artist was born in Santiago/Chile, moving to Germany in 1968. She studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Karlsruhe (Germany) and now lives in Berlin. Her work has been seen in solo exhibitions in Germany, Poland, Spain, Hungary, USA as well as in group exhibitions in USA, Germany, Switzerland, Australia, Island, Slovenia, Austria, France.

View more art on Patricia`s website.

Photo credits: Patricia Waller

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