Colorful knit & chrochet installations | Sarah Applebaum

Sarah Moli Newton Applebaum’s work gives you a color kick! She amazingly turns yarn into 3-dimentional installations with a psychodelic touch. The versatile artist is a chrochet master, knitter, painter, sculptor, installation creator, maker and even a professional personal chef. Her wide portfolio ranges from oversized knit chains, afghan blanket landscapes, cubist quilts to painted wood scuptures and collages, beeing insprired by color and color combinations.

Self-taught as an artist, her work has been presented in various galleries and shows from San Francisco, Reykjyavik, Berlin to Milan and published in numerous books internationally.

Sarah lives and works in Oakland, California.


It’s worth exploring her full range of work, check out her website.



Photo credit: Sara Applebaum

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