Chrochet lace art | NeSpoon


Polish street artist NeSpoon is breathing life into crochet work. She translates traditional laces into a wide range of media, from pottery to sculptures, graffiti, paintings, jewelry and installations. NeSpoon uses handmade lace art from others or reinterprets lace patterns. To act out her freedom she often works in public space, turning uncomely places into delightful attractions or giving urban walls a softly touch. Thereby she tries to respect the local context and uses patterns that are local in the country she works in. Nowadays you can find her art also on street art festivals and in galleries in her hometown Warsaw.

Why laces? „Because in laces there is an aesthetic code, which is deeply embedded in every culture. In every lace we find symmetry, some kind of order and harmony, isn’t that what we all seek for instinctively?“

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Photo credit: via NeSpoon, Rafał Chojnacki

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