Bracelets knitting pattern & tutorial | Jessica Biscoe, A la Sascha, iKnits

Bracelets are a quick way to gussy up your dress and you can wear it all year long. It´s also quick project to use up leftover yarn and makes a nice gift too for friends too.

Bracelet knitting pattern:
1. Braided Bracelet | Jessica Biscoe

The braided bracelet pattern has been created by enlish knitter Jess, a.k.a Jesscia Joy. She creates modern patterns and tutorials with the idea to make knitting fun an create pretty things.
Jessica is the author of „The Knitting Smitten“, a knitting book with 20 fresh knitting pattern.

Buy the pattern here (price depending on location starting from £3.50).

2. Cabled Bracelets | A la Sascha

Sascha from the Netherlands, 26 and mother of two is a knitting blogger and creator of knitting patterns, but she also does other crafts too.

Get the free bracelet pattern on Ravelry or view her blog.

3. Video-Turorial Braided cable bracelet | iKNITS

If you prefer a video-tutorial have a look at Texas mom Christine tutorial, who will guide you through all steps.


Photocredit: Keiko Oikawa, A la Sascha

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