Baby booties knitting pattern | Gina Michele

These easy to knit booties take you less than an hour to make and are a great project if you are a beginner.

The free tutorial/ baby booties knitting pattern by fashion and accessories designer Gina Michele can be found on her blog.

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Gina Michele
Gina Michele is a New York based fashion & accessories designer who lives between the city and her new house in the Hamptons. She runs a her blog own that features all things handmade: Fashion, Home Decor, and Beauty.
She taught herself to knit by reading several books but didn’t get a hang of it at first. According to her, this book was the only one that made sense to her when looking for information on how to learn the craft of knitting. It contains a lot of cute diagrams that are extremely helpful for the novice knitter. She also put together a video to help other knitters who are just starting out.



Photo credits: Gina Michele

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