Berlin and Bergen based Norwegian designer Siren Elise Wilhelmsen (1982) created this ‘365 knitting clock’, that knits a scarf while giving the time, beeing 2 m long by the end of the year.

The 365 knitting clock concept:

The concept was the result of her graduation thesis „Everything counts“ based on the relationship between products and numbers at the Universität der Künste Berlin in 2010.

‘365 is stitching the time as it passes by. It is knitting 24 hours a day and one year at the time, showing the physical representation of time as a creative and tangible force. After 365 days the clock has turned the passed year into a 2-m long scarf. Now the past can be carried out in the future and the upcoming year is hiding in a new spool of thread, still unknitted.’

Among others Siren has been awarded with the title Newcomer of the year for the Foundation for Design and Architecture and Norsk Form (2012) and the German Design Award (2013). Her work has been displayed at international fairs and in museums around the world.

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Photo credit: Siren Elise Wilhelmsen, Ilja Keizer

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